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Aion: Awakened Legacy to Arrive on October 24th

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When Aion: Awakened Legacy arrives on October 24th, players will find a number of "amazing improvements to almost all major game systems and features" according to a fresh announcement on the official site. Developers are promising "Daevas old and young" a more streamlined and enjoyable experience throughout the game. 

In Awakened Legacy, players will find:

  • a new level cap of 80
  • an overhauled leveling campaign "to improve quest and progression flow and to increase how quickly a character can achieve max-level"
  • the Lakrum zone
  • Primeth's Forge instance
  • new transformations
  • the Cubics system that"can permanently increase your character stats"
  • Daevanion Skills for max level characters to add more customization for both PvP and PvE combat
  • Infernal Drakenspire Depths is going to be a solo dungeon during the leveling campaign and a different version will be present as an endgame raid
  • three quality levels of gear - Ancient, Legendary & Ultimate - that can be enchanted to customize for either PvP or PvE
  • Rifts are returning
  • Sieges "are being reverted to a pre-Coalition version

Check out the full announcement on the Aion site.

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