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Aion and Aion Classic Receiving Two Major Updates

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Aion and Aion Classic are set to receive a couple of major updates in the next few weeks. We’ve got the details.

Aion is currently in the middle of celebrating its 12th anniversary. On September 29, you can expect content update 8.0 to drop which aims to bring a new zone called Apsaranta, a new system in the Oath system, Daevanian Passive Skills, Empyrean Lord Relics, and the new end-game instance, Heart of Apsaranta.

Additionally, Aion’s level cap is being raised for the first time in a while. The new cap will be level 85 giving you more to progress towards your climb. During this 8.0 update, you can look forward to the Apsaranta’s Conquest event which gives you one Level 80 character with gear and stigmas to get started on the new content. You can also look forward to login rewards, including the new Legendary Transformation “Apsaranta Adventurer.”

Aion Classic, meanwhile, will receive the 1.5 update on October 13. If you’re not familiar with Aion Classic, it’s the fresh start server bringing the original classes to the game including Warrior, Scout, Mage, and Priest. Aion Classic also features slower progression, old dungeons, in addition to the old hunting zones.

Update 1.5 brings a new area called Dark Poeta and is designed to be a pretty challenging instance. Brigade General Anuhart is one of the earlier bosses and will prove to test your mettle. But gaining victory will see you rewarded with  Anuhart Equipment and Tahabata Weapons. You can learn more about this 1.5 update here.


Poorna Shankar