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Aion 7.7 Update 'Prison of Time' Live in Europe

Plus pretty extensive patch notes

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Aion’s latest update, called Prison of Time, is now live in Europe bringing PvPvE and PvE updates.

The update brings with new content, challenges, and other various improvements. For example, there’s a PvPvE Battlefield Tempus Fight where you’ll have to battle your way through an area to fight a boss. Your reward for your efforts will be some new PvP gear.

There’s a dungeon update for the PvE dungeon called the Beshmundir Storm Temple. The patch notes are light here, but apparently you can obtain some PvE gear as a reward. The patch notes also cover off a bunch of items like instances, fortress battle, glyphs, item collection, Lumiel’s transmorph, combat support, transformation, Odian, items, character, skills, monster, quests, missions, environment, NPC, UI, and some GF features.

The patch notes are part of a pretty long PDF, which you can view in full here. For more of a high level overview of Prison of Time, check out the update page here.


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