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Aika Online Global Will Launch on December 5th, With a Month of Premium for Pre-Registration Event

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Aika Online Global will officially relaunch under HanbitSoft and CBM Interactive on December 5th. The new global launch comes with an opening event, and some pre-registration bonuses.

The launch will officially take place on December 5th at 7PM Eastern / 4 PM Pacific. The official return of Aika Online to a global audience has a campaign going on now for anyone who creates an account before the official launch time. Register and you will get a one-month Noblesse (premium) package for  free when the game launches.

This is an $18 value and gives you in-game benefits to start off with the premium membership.  you get access to potions that give XP gains, attack, and drop rate bonuses, access to six mounts, utility items, bonus potions, ammo, and more. 

The latest in a series of MMORPGs that have been relaunching in new, global servers to reach new audiences and old fans alike, Aika Online Global has recently been in open beta. The game features five nations, which serve as player factions, and one of the standout features is PvP nation wars. The conflict is at the heart of the story and the gameplay. Although there’s a large emphasis on competition and PvP, it is possible to have an alliance and additional strategy, but dominance is nearly always at stake.

The relaunch of a global server will continue to get updates and changes over time. Head to Aika Online Global for more info or to register before Tuesday’s launch.


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