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Age of Conan Players Can Celebrate the Upcoming RTS in Unconquered Mode

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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Age of Conan is celebrating the upcoming release of the realtime strategy game, Conan: Unconquered by giving players an opportunity to try a new game mode. In "Unconquered" mode, players create a new character, mark them as "unconquered", "level up, and earn rewards". However, the catch is that unconquered heroes are hardcore. If they die, it's permanent. 

As players level up in Unconquered mode, new vanity armor sets, weapons and badges will unlock. While death may stop that character's ability to earn more rewards, it will still be playable, just not as part of the promotion. Minigame or Pitmaster's Arena deaths do not count as "player death".

Other components of today's update include:

  • the new Badge System
  • new race / class combos: Cimmerian Assassins, Stygian Dark Templars
  • Vanity Weapon System

Check out the full update notes on the Age of Conan site.


Suzie Ford

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