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Agathion System Pets Boost Player Stats in Lineage 2: Revolution

Suzie Ford Posted:
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Netmarble has announced the latest update for its mobile MMO, Lineage 2: Revolution. The Agathion System allows players to "equip" pets that provide substat boosts for hero characters. Players can benefit from increases to critical rate, critical resistance, accuracy, evasion and more, depending on the equipped pet. Pets can increase and strengthen the substat boost through the use of Adena or Red Diamonds.

Available Agathions include:

  • Little Demon
  • Little Angel
  • Royal Hamstar
  • Jiangshi

Agathions will also utilize specialized pieces of equipment that only Agathions may equip called Charms, and feature exclusive Charm slots ranging from one to six. The obtained Charm’s name and number must match to equip, adding a fun challenge for players. Charms will have fixed substats depending on the slot, but the value may change. When using auto-equip, Charms with higher substat values will automatically replace the existing Charm, which then disappear so players will have to take caution when auto-equipping.

The update also includes the new Schuttgart territory and the Field Boss, Marlox alongside and increased level cap.

Check out the Lineage 2: Revolution site to learn more.


Suzie Ford

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