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AFUL Audio Releases the Explorer, Its Most Affordable Earphone Yet

Christopher Coke Updated: Posted:
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Courtesy of HiFiGo, we have news that AFUL Audio, makers of the excellent Performer 5 and Performer 8 in-ear monitors has pulled the curtain back on its latest creation, the AFUL Explorer. Retailing for $119.99 at HiFiGo, a leading marketplace for worldwide audio equipment, the Explorer brings many of the technologies found in AFUL’s more expensive headphones down to a more accessible price point.

One of the qualities that has made AFUL Performer series so popular was how much R&D the company put into the technologies behind it. Innovativeness is the defining characteristic of the brand, in our opinion, but that always came at a price that was out of the league of many gamers and music fans.

Let’s break it down a little bit. The Explorer combines the ideas that drove the MagicOne (a finely tuned single driver) with the Performer series (multiple drivers), resulting in a three driver configuration. There’s one dynamic driver and two custom-developed wide frequency balanced armatures. It adds the microresonator of the MagicOne while integrating the RLC Net Frequency Division and multi-layered electronic crossover of the Performers.

If all of that sounds like Greek, what it really amounts to is this: clear, smooth, detailed sound. The drivers have precision printed acoustic tubes from the drivers that prevent the frequencies from meshing together before they reach your ears too.  It promises to be the best of both worlds between the MagicOne and Performer series.

Will it live up to that? We’ll have to see. Our sample is in the mail now and we’ll be sure to share our full thoughts in a review. Until then, head over to HiFiGo for more details.


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