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After Promising Better Communication, Guild Wars 2 To Preview October's Balance Update This Friday

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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Guild Wars 2 has a new stream coming this week, with ArenaNet ready to share more on October’s upcoming professions balance update. 

One of the last times there was a balance update, things didn’t go over well with the community, as there were many changes shared in simple, factual update notes, without context or any insight into the philosophy or goals behind those changes. Some changes were reversed after feedback, but most went through as planned, but Game Director Josh Davis promised more transparency, with much clearer communication ahead of the next balance update. We’re almost there, with that next major balance update set for October 4th. This one will focus on WvW and PvP balance. The next balance update after that is set for November 29th.

For the October balance changes, there will be a preview stream this Friday, starting at 12 PM Pacific. Skills and Balance lead Cal “cmc” Cohen and Associate Game Designer Roy Marks will preview the major details of the coming update. This will preview the update and open up the gates for feedback on all of the coming changes. After the stream is over, they will post the full balance preview notes on the forum, along with all of the details and the stream will serve to lay out their goals for the changes. Since these balance changes will focus on WvW and PvP, it should give them enough room to really lay out  what their plans are and follow through on the better communication promises.

The stream will take place on the official Guild Wars 2 Twitch channel. With this timeline, this should give the community an opportunity to really weigh in and also to understand the goals and philosophy of what they're trying to do, as well as ask questions.

For more, see the announcement over at Guild Wars 2.


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