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After Player Feedback miHoYo Plans More Changes to Lackluster Character Zhongli

miHoYo Did Wrongly with Zhongli

Steven Weber Posted:
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Prior to Genshin Impact’s latest Update 1.2, miHoYo released Zhongli, a new 5-Star character during the New Star Approaches event. Zhongli, prior to the update, was one of the coolest, and most sought-after characters, but upon earning him through the special banner, the character was lackluster and was largely panned by the community.

Earning a new 5-Star character is supposed to be a monumental event, as 5-Star characters are meant to be powerful. When Zhongli released, players felt that he was anything but powerful, and miHoYo’s initial response was that, Zhongli is a support character, and he was meant to be played as one. The community didn’t really like that answer, so miHoYo went back to the drawing board, armed with player feedback, and released an update today that explains some changes coming to Zhongli.

The major change revolves around Zhongli’s Dominus Lapidis, and more balancing is planned over the course of the 1.3 beta. The changes are set to go in place in version 1.3 which is set to release some time in February. Unfortunately for players who may now be interested in getting Zhongli, after he’s been rebalanced, you are out of luck, as he is no longer earnable through either the Standard Banner or the latest Character Banner.


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