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After Nine Years, One Intrepid EVE Online Capsuleer Has Explored Every Reachable System

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One EVE Online player has boldly gone where no one in the game's history has gone before. Katia Sae has explored all of the reachable systems in EVE and it only took a bit over nine years to do so. What makes it all the more remarkable, Katia did this incredible first-of-its-kind feat without suffering a single loss.

The entire nine year odyssey is chronicled on Katia's blog, along with some pretty sweet information about how many systems were explored by year and with over 50,000 screenshots of the journey.

09.03.yc121 Saisio < Okomon < The Forge

The voices of my Achura ancestors have quieted. I feel the warmth of my Grandfathers smile upon me. ‘Consummatum est Stargazer’, I hear him say, ‘it is finished.’

A little over nine years ago, 1st of December YC111, my journey began to explore all of New Eden and today, this day, 9th of March YC121, I have done just that. With the exception of the 230 unreachable Jove systems, I have visited every High Sec, Low Sec, Null Sec, and yes, every wormhole system – Every system in New Eden — without losing a single ship.

You must check it out on Katia Sae's blog and then check out a 2-hour interview over at Talking in Stations.


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