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After Multiple Delays, The Day Before Finally Arrives in Early Access Tomorrow - Will You Be Playing?

The devs are looking to prove skeptics wrong with the release

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Tomorrow, players will finally be able to check out The Day Before when it opens in Early Access. 

The Day Before got off to a promising start, with lots of attention and a ton of attention from many adding the game to their Steam wishlists. Following controversy over whether the team used unpaid labor, a lawsuit over the trademark over the game’s title, and a ton of skepticism over what the team at Fntastic and Mytona were going to release, there was one more delay announced last month. This time to December 7th, and instead of a full launch, we’re getting an Early Access game. The game was initially supposed to release last year.

There have been plenty of skeptical discussions around the game, but the developers are working to reassure players that they will be getting the promised experience. Just yesterday, the team released a list of what they are calling “Revelations from Fntastic”. Among these so-called revelations were notes like “ Please don’t accuse us of scamming; that’s not true. We didn’t take a penny from anyone” and “Please don't accuse us of asset flip; that's not true also. our team worked day and night for five years to make our dream game a reality”.

In addition to apologizing for not marketing the game very well, they also shared a message to any streamers who might be showing the game off:“We hope all the secrecy of The Day Before will help you make a ton of interesting content from the game” They also thanked their volunteers and the audience that supported them.

Some of the messages are atypical ahead of a launch for sure, but only time will tell just what the game will be like when it’s out. We’ll have our own impressions soon. Given the early attention The Day Before got, and perhaps some squandered goodwill, have they possibly righted the ship?

Are you going to give The Day Before’s Early Access a chance? 


Christina Gonzalez

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