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After Mixed Feedback, What to Expect in 2023 From Conan Exiles?

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With major changes, 2022 was a big year for Conan Exiles. Now the game’s new project director, Rod Harper, responds to feedback on lingering issues and look aheads to some of what to expect this year, from regional pricing, to new content, and improved modding community support.

If you’ve been paying attention to Conan Exiles, you will know that with the arrival of the Age of Sorcery, the update that brought these changes in the fall revamped the game on multiple levels. Not only did the introduction of the Battle Pass and Bazaar change the monetization of the game, it made sure that upcoming content would be equal for all players and not gated by whether or not a person owned particular DLC or not. The Bazaar and its new currency, Crom Coins, also made it possible to acquire new cosmetics and other in-game items. 

Harper addresses some of the issues that arose from the model switch, in particular, the pricing. Community feedback has been mixed. While you can earn many items with the free Battle Pass tier, the pricing of some others is “an ongoing concern” for players, he notes. While the team will review pricing overall, especially in comparison to other games, one of the changes that will be coming with the next major update ( currently on the PTS ) is regional pricing on Steam. This means that buying Crom Coins will be in local currency, with a better exchange rate for most. It’s not the only thing they’re considering though, and Funcom will have more on that to come.

Another challenge Harper acknowledges is ongoing system performance issues across platforms, but particularly on console. The build that is currently on the PTS includes some interim stability and performance fixes, and the team is working on some specific ones for consoles too.

Feedback from the modding community was also somewhat mixed. With the Age of Sorcery update, there were some unannounced changes and a delayed mod kit. Harper promises better and earlier communication and better support.

Also coming this year? A new Age, with new features, story, Battle Pass and items. 

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