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After Fanfest Attendees Test Positive for COVID, The EVE Online Community is Helping One Another Out

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Reports are coming in of positive COVID-19 tests from attendees of EVE Online’s Fanfest. Fans have been sharing and confirming their positive tests, letting other attendees know that they may have been exposed. 

Those scheduled to fly home to some countries, like the US and Canada, are required to show negative tests before they’re permitted to do so, which is leaving some stuck in Iceland to isolate until this becomes possible.

With COVID-19, of course there is risk in attending any public event, especially indoors. However, as most countries remove most public restrictions and requirements like masking or vaccine proof, large-scale events are continuing to return this year all across the world. While ‘con flu’ is a familiar thing to many, it’s usually not part of an ongoing pandemic.

CCP announced months ago that Fanfest would return to being an in-person event in Reykjavik, and originally had more stringent safety guidelines before pulling them back as Iceland removed such requirements. When the event took place, there was hand sanitizer and advice to mind personal space. Of course, those that chose to attend and reunite with the EVE community knew of the risk.

This is not the only recent large in-person games related event that has resulted in COVID cases. Recently, an Enforcer for PAX East caught the virus at the event and later died. Events like GDC also saw some cases spreading. Having large events continues, however, and in the case of Fanfest, EVE Online community members are helping one another.

This extends not just to announcing that they’ve tested positive and doing a bit of contact tracing, but those who are affected are doing what they can to help others, from pointing out where to get cheap reliable tests to figuring out how to stay in Iceland just a bit longer than they expected. There are more continuing to test positive, and CCP has addressed the outbreak on the EVE Discord, also pointing to resources for things like free testing.  Players are also using Discord for their efforts.

Even some CCP devs themselves have joined the attendees testing positive. 


Christina Gonzalez

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