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After a Successful Kickstarter Campaign, Genfanad Launches With a Trailer Skewering MMO Tropes

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Browser-based MMORPG Genfanad, fresh off a successful Kickstarter campaign this summer, is officially out. Plans for release on Steam and mobile in the next year are in the works.

Genfanad, whose name is derived from “Generic fantasy adventure” is a tongue in cheek game inspired by classic MMORPGs, with a humorous take on the tropes and systems that make the genre. If you decide to play, you should expect humor as well as flexible systems. When you start, you find yourself a peon in a corporate kingdom called Nublandia.

The game’s launch trailer runs a breezy minute and a half, but pokes fun at many tropes and cliches that are present in this genre that many of us know and love.

“For those that think clicking on trees all day is relaxing. Watch your every accomplishment be distilled down to a number! And then watch it go up…slowwwwly” begins the trailer within a trailer section. To give more away wouldn’t be fair. Watching that number go up slowly is definitely the idea of fun for many, and the humor here, as well as in the game itself, should connect.

Things start there, and will let you take things on at your own pace. While it's lighthearted, the developers also emphasize that there are actual challenges in there. With a game inspired by those classic MMORPGs, the team promises there are challenges and events suitable for the veteran players and an assortment of low-key activities like crafting, exploration, and gathering to start any casual adventure.

The team at Rose Tinted Games intends to expand the world and add different elements and new events in weekly updates. With the launch starting off with this browser-based game, and plans to expand it to mobile and Steam in the future, those added updates should work well there. 

For more, head over to Genfanad.


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