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After a Brief Delay, SWTOR Officially Opens Galactic Seasons 3, With New Companion and Rewards Up for Grabs

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When Star Wars: The Old Republic got update 7.1.1 this week, one of the key features of the update was delayed at the last minute: Galactic Seasons 3. The content had been pulled until there could be a patch to fix certain issues the team discovered. Now, the game has been patched and Galactic Seasons 3 is officially open.

Galactic Seasons 3 is titled “Luck of the Draw”, and the gambling theme runs through the update. There are some changes this season, including a rebalance of Cartel Coins, and an increase in Tech Fragments awarded, as well as some additions like new mounts, weapons, and armor in the rewards pool. 

The introduction of SWTOR’s newest companion, a Croupier Droid named PH4-LNX, also known as Fay, is in this season as well. Fay “was “acquired” by a galactic high-roller obsessed with competitive gaming. After sweeping all of the gaming tournaments from Nar Shaddaa to Coruscant, this droid is now looking to buy her way out of servitude. Will you bet on her success?” the description reads. So if you’re up for it, and given that this is the game’s new companion, it’s probably a safe bet that you will.

Also in the season is  the new reputation track, the Gambling Authority and Management Entity (G.A.M.E.). Earn reputation by completing season content and defeating enemies all around the galaxy to collect something called G.A.M.E. Analysis Modules. Another change the team made for season 3 is the reputation track is now tied to the companion, not the season. While if you complete the reputation track while the season is active, you will unlock and achievement, even after the season ends, you'll still get to complete the track with this new change.

There are a number of rewards in the season pool, with some differences for subscriber track, some of the rewards include mounts, PH4-LNX and customization for her, weapon crates of all qualities, titles, and more.

Read the Galactic Seasons 3 announcement details over at Star Wars: The Old Republic.


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