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After 7 Years, Official Server to Go Dark on January 25th

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In an emotional FAQ on the Perpetuum Online site, players have been informed that the official servers will be shut off on January 25th. "This is purely a financial decision as the monthly cost of running the server is way more than what we can handle" the letter states. However, a private server option is part of the plan and the Steam Stand Alone server will remain active while the server source code will also be released.

The website will remain up for players and fans as a resource. In addition, the official dev blog and the wiki will remain 

Thank you!

This is probably the last blog post here from me, but Perpetuum became a big part of our lives and we couldn’t forget it even if we tried. We are immensely grateful to everyone who has played Perpetuum in the past and to the people who dedicate time to help it live on, well… perpetually.

Read the full post on the Perpetuum Online site.

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