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After 17 Years, Titan Quest Is Finally Getting A Sequel

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Titan Quest is one of the more beloved ARPGs to come out of the shadows of Diablo, and fans of the series have reason to be excited: 17 years later, we're finally getting Titan Quest 2.

Mixing the ARPG formula with the allure of Greek mythology, Titan Quest promises to build on its series' foundation with Titan Quest 2

Announced last week during the THQ Digital Nordic showcase, Titan Quest 2, a new trailer highlights the upcoming battle with the Goddess of Retribution, Nemesis. The trailer itself is beautifully done, showing the Three Spinners taking up the Threads of Fate, while Spartan Warriors march through the ancient Lakedaemonian city state. 

Of course, it wouldn't be a good reveal trailer without some conflict, thanks to the Goddess Nemesis, wreaking havoc on the streets of the Ancient Greek city-state.

Titan Quest 2 aims to build on the legacy of the first, bringing a flexible character creation system, online multiplayer to shatter the will of Nemesis herself, and a world steeped in Greek mythos. With the character creator, the team behind Titan Quest 2 promises a tool that lets you combine masteries to create a hybrid class. 

You can wishlist the title on Steam right now, and no release date has been given as of yet. Titan Quest 2 is set to join the ranks of modern ARPGs that seem to be having a resurgence as of late, with Diablo 4, despite its problems lately, still being incredibly popular among genre enthusiasts. Path of Exile 2, meanwhile, was just given a broader reveal at last month's ExileCon 2023, and is slated for a June 2024 open beta.


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