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Aelion Day Event Live in Skyforge Till April 15

Fulfill your prophecies

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Aelion Day is live now in Skyforge until April 15. Here are the details.

You are tasked with rescuing “mortals in peril.” For each rescue, you’ll increase your chance of receiving a prophecy. A prophecy will contain a message, when once deciphered and fulfilled will provide you a reward called Threads of Destiny. These can be exchanged for goods in the market.

The official post provides an example as well,

“Our scientists have studied them for a while. Here's one of them: ‘The mage of death lost the duel, killed by an ancient glyph.’ An immortal that receives it needs to kill a Reaper of Death using Asterius’s Glyph. And that's an example of a fairly simple prophecy. Pay attention and try to decipher them all.”

You can hang on to three at a time. If you can’t figure one out, just discard it and grab another. The more prophecies you fulfill the chances of you receiving a Great Prophecy are increased. Learn more about Aelion Day here.



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