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AdventureQuest Worlds: Infinity Will Be a Cross-Platform Fully Remade Version of the 15-year Old Classic MMO

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AdventureQuest Worlds: Infinity is going cross-platform. The upcoming rebuilt version of the long-running browser-based MMORPG, AdventureQuest Worlds will be released on mobile platforms and Steam. 

Since this is a new release, it’s not just a project to port the original over to additional platforms. The decision to create AdventureQuest Worlds: Infinity means that this is a rebuilt, recreated version of the game, which has seen updates every week for the past 15 years. Sometimes a classic is a classic, and you build upon that, as Artix has done.

In a press release announcing this new cross-platform version, which will head into beta later this year, all 1,500 cutscenes, thousands of monsters, thousands of pets, and many more systems will be re-animated for the new project. Count on the game,the combat systems,and controls to get rebuilt too. Additionally, the aspect of going cross-platform means that new systems, like controller support, better mobile controls, scrolling, particle systems, and the ability to play across multiple devices, are also all part of the new undertaking. 

If you are already playing the original game, you'll be able to log in with your characters, and all of your items, when AdventureQuest Worlds: Infinity is out.

The game’s main storyline will also be fully remade. “The 13 Lords Of Chaos” is set to be faster and rewarding. 

The team is still updating the original, and plans to keep supporting both versions once the new cross-platform version is out.

So why did Artix Entertainment decide to go in this direction? CEO and Founder Adam Bohn says that “AdventureQuest Worlds: Infinity is a testament to the team’s dedication to evolve an ever-expanding world, as well as a recognition of the years of requests from our community to recreate their favorite game as a cross-platform MMO.”

For more on the game, head over to the AventureQuest Worlds site.


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