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Advanced Pack Giveaway

Craig McGregor Posted:
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MMORPG.com and IGG have teamed up to give our community members some free gift keys which will grant you in-game items for Tales of Pirates - the swashbuckling MMORPG! All you need to get your key is your free MMORPG.com account. Get your key while supplies last!

Each key will give you:

  • (3) Super Candy Stick (use to attend the event Hexathlon which will level you up very fast. The event NPC is named Passerby - Wowo is living in Shitan City (846,3499)
  • (3) Pass to Sacred Snow Mountain (Teleports player to Sacred Mountain upon using)
  • (3) Mini Amplifier of Strive (Grants double xp for a period of time. For players under lvl 40)
  • (3) Fairy of Ration (Replenish Stamina of pet fairy by 50 upon feeding)  



Craig McGregor