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Admiralty Bonus Week Starts Today in Star Trek Online

Double campaign XP and more

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Admiralty Bonus Week is here in Star Trek Online and is set to run through October 1 at 10a PDT.

During the event, expect your admiralty to dole out bonus rewards during Admiralty missions. This means you’ll earn double the campaign XP which will naturally allow you to progress faster. This faster progression applies to all missions. For example, you’ll be able to rub elbows with the Ferengi, or choose to serve either the Federation or the Klingon Empire. Alternatively, you can help rebuild the Romulan Republic. Additionally, Tour of Duty missions will reward you with bonus Dilithium Ore for the duration of this event.

If you’re a console player, you may be interested in the recently released House Divided update which went out to Xbox One and PS4 earlier this month. A host of new features were released including:

  • Klingon visual update - House Divided will see a visually revamped Klingon tutorial introduced, along with new cutscenes,  voice acting (feat. Robert O’Reilly, JG Hertzler, and Rehka Sharma) and more!
  • Return of Martok - The House Divided story will see captains joined with the iconic Klingon General Martok.
  • Remastered ships - Starships D7, Negv’har, Vor’cha and B’rel are all receiving visual updates to keep them in line with current ships.
  • Event - The update includes a new month-long House Divided event for players to participate in. They can receive Red Angel suit/armor, and a 5-person space TFO There will also be a new Angel’s Wake Lockbox -- which contains the Ba’ul ship seen in the Star Trek: Discovery episode “The Sound of Thunder,” and Ba’ul Obelisk from Season 2 of Discovery.


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