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Additional Game Modes, Chat & Clans Coming After Open Beta Launch

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The World of Speed Steam page has been updated with a new developer blog to provide readers with information about what the team has been working on most recently as the game races towards Open Beta. Most notably, players can expect several new systems to launch after the start of Open Beta including: Clans, new game modes, and a new chat system.

We’ve come to the conclusion, that the best way to diversify the racing gameplay is to add different racing modes. And there will be more of them, for sure! For example, we look forward to adding a mode, where players who are lagging behind will have limited time to overtake the opponent - otherwise, when the timer depletes the player will be disqualified. Some call this “Time Bomb”, some - “Demolition” or even “Racing Battle-Royale”. We are yet to pick a name, but here it is, and we are really excited to start its development ASAP.

Read the full update notes on the World of Speed Steam page.

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Suzie Ford

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