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Additional Details About Dragon Hound Emerge - Core Gameplay is Hunting

By Suzie Ford on November 18, 2018 | News | 0

This year's G-Star was dominated by mobile gaming news, but that doesn't mean there there isn't something of note out there for both MMO fans and PC users. Dragon Hound is an upcoming Nexon title that is centered around hunting. Judging by their trailer last week, it obviously involves some big ass dragons. Some new details have emerged via an interview with Korean media that features some new details. 

  • the original pitch for the game was as a mobile side-scrolling game
  • players will use different weapons throughout individual hunts. Certain ones will be needed to damage a beast's exterior, while others will be used for internal organs. Use of skill and player actions will also have an impact on the efficiency of the kill. Both melee and ranged weapons will be used and there are no class restrictions on weapons
  • the game director compares Dragon Hound to both World of Tanks and Monster Hunter World
  • hunts come via mounted combat. Players cannot dismount until the completion of the battle
  • the game is a hybrid party-based game with MMO features like city defense requiring large numbers of players
  • some quests will require players to harvest specific organs, but not necessarily to destroy the monster
  • 30 different species to hunt
  • cities and towns float and will move once per week
  • no PvP
  • end game is a "very, very difficult raid"

Read more details over at MMOCulture!


Suzie Ford

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