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Add Bobbleheads to Your Cockpit in No Man's Sky

Plus new plants for you base

Poorna Shankar Updated: Posted:
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Have you ever wanted to add a bobblehead to the cockpit of your ship in No Man's Sky? Well, now you can.

You can grab these bobbleheads from the Quicksilver Synthesis Companion. This is a merchant on the Space Anomaly. The first set include NPC favorites, Polo and Nada. You can install these bobbleheads in any ship cockpit.

Additionally, the Umbrella Tree, Writhing Bush, and Entwining tree have now all been unlocked. You can now add these plants to your bases. Speaking of bases, a new set of featured bases has been updated. Check out Mercury’s teleporter.

Weekend missions also have an update,

“Travellers have spent a productive weekend stabilising a disturbed Traveller gravesite, taming the local wildlife and collecting their eggs. Already, the epicentre of the disturbance has migrated, and Nada has analysed the first packets of new data, indicating a world of great anomalous rings…”


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