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Actor Bill Nighy Talks About Returning as High King Emeric in High Isle

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King Emeric is back in High Isle. There’s a new interview with actor Bill Nighy from The Elder Scrolls Online where the actor talks about returning to Tamriel in the role he originated back when ESO launched in 2014.

In bringing back a notable character, this time the leader of the Daggerfall Covenant,  it creates a connection to the history of the full ongoing story so far, and broadens the way the ZeniMax team has tried to tell their overarching stories. In deciding to focus on Legacy of the Bretons, they’ve introduced a mix of new and returning characters, intrigue and lore, and Emeric’s return fits. In a chapter that features actors Billy Boyd and Laura Bailey, bringing back Bill Nighy just made sense.

In the video interview, Nighy says that Emeric is probably the most prominent leader there and that he “sees his role as one that could bring unity and peace”. It’s a heavy responsibility, and Nighy gets into just what that means. “When High King Emeric looks in the mirror,” he says, “ he sees something that makes him feel pretty good”. Calling Emeric “ a stranger to self-doubt”, he’s a leader you might just want on your side. One that is charismatic, assured, and motivated by “good old fashioned world domination” but might use his leadership to achieve peace.

High Isle has been out for a month on PC, Mac, and Stadia, and a couple of weeks on consoles. Next month, expect both a major overhaul of combat in Update 35 for the base game alongside the new dungeon update DLC, Lost Depths.

For more on Bill Nighy and High King Emeric’s returns for High Isle, head over to The Elder Scrolls Online.

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