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Activision Blizzard's Workplace Practices Are Now Being Investigated By The SEC

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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The Wall Street Journal reported today that Activision Blizzard is now under investigation by The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This investigation, according to WSJ sources, is looking into how the publisher has handled allegations by employees over sexual misconduct and discrimination within the workplace.

The report today states that the SEC has subpoenaed Activision Blizzard, as well as some of its top executive officers, including CEO Bobby Kotick. According to the Wall Street Journal, the agency is asking the publisher for minutes from Activison board meetings, personnel files and more.

Via the WSJ report:

"The agency is asking for documents including minutes from Activision board meetings since 2019, personnel files of six former employees, and separation agreements the company has reached this year with staffers, records show. The SEC is asking for Mr. Kotick’s communications with other senior executives regarding complaints of sexual harassment or discrimination by Activision employees or contractors, the documents show."

Activision's spokesperson, Helaine Klasky, did confirm the investigation to the WSJ, stating that the "company is cooperating with the SEC."

Activision Blizzard has been under heightened scrutiny ever since the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing filed a lawsiut back in July alleging sexual discrimination and misconduct at the gaming giant. Since then it's been a whirlwind for the publisher, with many employees being let go in the wake of the scandal. Activision Blizzard has faced further allegations by the DFEH that the company hindered their investigation, even going so far as to allege the publisher shredded documents pertaining to the case, a charge Activision Blizzard states is "not true." 

Just last week Activision Blizzard employees filed a charge with the National Labor Relations Board, alleging the company used intimidation and "coercive tactics" against employees. The charge itself, filed on the 10th of September, alleges that Activision "threatened employees" regarding communicating about wages, hours and working conditions, and more. 


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