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Acquire a Demon Goat Battle Pet or Some New Threads as World of Warcraft Celebrates Diablo IV

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With Diablo IV about to launch, Blizzard is planning several events to celebrate. The latest is the Greedy Emissary event starting today in World of Warcraft.

The event begins at 10 AM server time. Explore capital cities all around Azeroth and Dragonflight zones. Keep an eye out for treasure goblin thieves holding bags. 

If you are able to locate some of these opportunistic thieves and defeat them, you'll get themed loot that is inspired by Sanctuary. That loot includes a Battle Pet, cosmetic ensembles, offhand items, weapons, Diablo charms,and a number of items in the Toy category to add some flavor to your spaces. 

The new Battle Pet to add to your collection is Baa'lial Soulstone. This new red and black demon goat is definitely a fitting addition for a Diablo-themed crossover celebration. This new pet bears some resemblance to obtaining Baa’l, which was a secret demonic goat pet from all the way back in Battle for Azeroth. 

Other rewards include the Enmity Hood and Cloak ensemble, Treasure Nabbin’ Bag,if you want to make off with some loot of your own, the Nightmare Banner, a new mount, Tyrael’s Charger,and several weapons from poor Wirt. Wirt’s Fightin’ Leg is an offhand item. Wirt’s Haunted Leg is a two-hand mace. And Wirt’s Last Leg is a one-hand mace. Additionally, there are several Diablo charms up for grabs, a new achievement, a 36-slot bag, and more.

If you are planning to hop over to sanctuary in early June for the launch of Diablo 4, or if you just want to pick up some new goodies inspired by sanctuary, demons, and dark secrets, you can take part in this event through June 14th.

Other events to celebrate the launch of Diablo IV include a crossover event with Diablo Immortal. 

See the announcement over at World of Warcraft for details on Greedy Emissary and all the rewards.


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