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Abyss Online's Early Launch Has Been 'Chaos', The Team Announces Fixes and What's Next

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Abyss Online launched into Early Access late last week after a couple of delays, and the team is acknowledging that the result was “chaotic”. With that, they have also detailed how they will fix the game-breaking bugs, with most big fixes coming within a week or so.

In a new announcement focusing on the issues, how they plan to address them, and ETAs for each of the major in-process fixes, the team also says they’ve temporarily turned off their free playtest version while they fix the issues. Additionally, they also advise people who want to purchase the Early Access build to wait a few weeks so they can get the bugs sorted. 

So what are those bugs?  On the gameplay front, there's invisible armor and weapons and bugs affecting HP and Mana. Those have an ETA of next week for being fixed. the single sign-in system also had issues but that the team reports is mostly fixed. However, there's a problem with game crashes on login for some players and they are rushing to fix that, aiming  to get that fixed by the weekend.

World and character saves are also broken for now.  A fix for that is so far planned for next week, but in the meantime they are supplying everyone with resources and equipment that they can use to test systems like building or crafting, or even combat while they get this sorted.

Besides all of those, they’re also overhauling the UI and hotkeys after feedback and are also optimizing for performance and to make Abyss Online work on more systems. 

The devs promise more frequent and transparent communication about these issues and more going forward. Providing an ETA on all of these fixes is a step in that direction, but we’ll have to see if their timelines do pan out. Once these significant issues are fixed, they also plan to announce their next content goals, and more on the Early Access journey.


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