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Aaron Eisenberg Remembered in STO with Torchlight Vigil

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As reported by Gizmodo, Aron Eisenburg passed away. Players have held a torchlight vigil for him in STO to pay respects.

Eisenburg was best known as Nog on Deep Space Nine. Per Gizmodo,

“The actor, aged 50, worked in Hollywood during the ‘80s and ‘90s, though he was best known for the role of Nog in Deep Space Nine. Over seven seasons, viewers got to know Nog, the first Ferengi to join Starfleet, where he eventually reached the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade. Nog was a fantastic character, and Eisenberg imbued him wit ha distinct and powerful sense of life.”

Reddit remembered the actor while sharing the torchlight vigil event in STO. Wrote one Redditor,

“Aron Eisenberg will sorely be missed. Ds9 would have never been the same without him. And His reprisal as Nog in Star Trek online added a much needed boost not only to the Starfleet Tutorial but the iconian Arc as well. Before they added Nog as the captain of the chimera to the Tutorial it always felt like the story started on a boring note. Aron Eisenberg took the role as Nog both in Ds9 and in Sto and made it his own. Rip Aron Eisenberg. ???????”

Another remembered him thusly,

“Even though he was a reoccurring character I Vote his name be added to the main memorial plaque with Gene and the Main cast members as he was such a fixture of the show instead of the view more interaction button. He was main cast to me and most likely a lot of others. it would be fitting to give him the wish he had of being main cast, at least posthumously.”


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