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A3: Still Alive Update Brings New Artifact System

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest update to A3: Still Alive brings the new Shu Artifact System allowing you to equip items onto your Shu to gain combat strength.

A note, however, only Attack-type and Defense-type are eligible to receive and equip a single Artifact on each equipment slot. Additionally, the new ‘Poku Forest’ dungeon was introduced with this update and will remain available from through July 8.

This new dungeon will allow up to five members can team up to take on up to twenty difficulty level. There will be a new level opening up each day. Of course, you’ll be rewarded for your efforts, with more rewards doled out dependent on your clear times.

Additional in-game events include:

  • Resource Battle Exchange Event (6/17-7/8) – Earn tickets and redeem them for [Show me the Money] Boxes that gives Blue Diamonds, Ethers, Topazes, Mana Stones, and Gold.
  • 7-Day Artifact Missions (6/17-7/1) – This is a daily mission event
  • Shedora’s Special Quest (6/177/8) – achieve combat thresholds and earn Uncommon Enhancement Blessing Scrolls, Premium Enhancement Stone Selection Chests, Superior Enhance Premium 2000 Chests, and Super Magic Stone Chests
  • Level Up! Super Check-in Event (6/17-6/27, 6/28-7/8) – Log in event
  • Relay Soul Linker Mission (6/24-7/8) - 14 day series of missions
  • Poku Forest BOX Event (6/24-7/8) – Complete the Poku Forest dungeon and earn rewards

Last month, A3: Still Alive received an update which expanded the Soul Linker capabilities. You can catch up on that here. A3: Still Alive is now available via the App Store and Google Play.


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