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A3: STILL ALIVE Sees Over 1M Downloads In First Week

'Thank You' activities to celebrate

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A3: Still Alive launched on mobile earlier this month, but already the game has seen over one million downloads.

A3: Still Alive surpassed one million global downloads worldwide in just one week. It was also ranked Number 1 in the Role-Playing Games genre as of November 10 in both the Apple App Store and Google Play.

To celebrate, the team is hosting several activities. As they outlined in the accompanying press release,

“To honor the one million warriors rising up to survive the darkness, Netmarble is unleashing a slew of celebratory activities for players. To start, players can collect unique 1 Million Downloads box tickets that can be redeemed for A3: STILL ALIVE’s Box Event. By using these tickets to flip from 36 individual boxes, players can receive prizes such as a Heroic Accessory Chest, Light of Heroic Accessory Lv.100 Ancient ? Equipment Fragment, and Ethers.”

You can take part in the 1 Million Downloads ‘Thank You’ 7-Day Check-In Event, where players who log into the game for seven consecutive days will receive rewards like Gold, 1 Million Downloads box tickets, Hayren’s Essence, and a S? Rare Guaranteed Soulstar at the highest level.


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