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A3: Still Alive Reveives New Cross-Server Battles

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Cross-server battles have arrived in A3: Still Alive as part of the most recent update.

The cross-server battle will be available every Thursday for all players. These battles will see two servers compete where the top eight guilds on each server will duke it out. There will be a max capacity of 800 players per battle. If your server wins, you’ll of course receive rewards in addition to a world buff – even if you didn’t partake in the battle. The whole server wins.

There’s also a new Somius of Peace equipment dungeon for higher level players to get high level loot. The update brings other events and additions. The new legendary Soul Linkers add Noble Lady Iarr (Attack Type), Noble Lady Bennet (Support Type), and Knight Diana (Defense type). Additionally, you can now upgrade Sanctuary Runes to Level 55, while floors 61-72 are now open in the Dark Lighthouse dungeon.

The events as part of this update are as follows:

  • Chaotic Soul Linker Summon Chest (3/18 - 4/1)
  • Spring Welcoming Heroic Shu Gift (3/18)
  • Spring 7-Day Check-in Event (3/18 - 4/1)
  • Guild Exchange Store Season 2
  • Playtime event to celebrate the Land of Peace Update (3/18)


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