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A3: Still Alive Receives Scholar Class in New Update

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Scholar class has been added to A3: Still Alive as part of the latest update to the game, along with several regions and dungeons with which to try out the new class. Here are the details.

The Scholar class is described as a rounded warrior class where you can specialize in both close-range and long-range combat. This specialization is dependent on which skills you have equipped at the time. The Scholar can also access four summons.

Keep an eye out for new starter missions if you’re interested in trying out the Scholar. Of course, you’ll receive rewards for completing them. There’s also a 5x Faster Speed Growth Event underway until May 6. You can take advantage of Bonus Hot Time that offers a 400% in EXP earned with monster hunt in new servers.

The update also brings max level equipment to support players in new server. Players can get Maximum Level Equipment in every 10 Levels until they reach up to Lv. 130. Level expansion was introduced as well, where you can now reach Lv. 160.

A new region has also been added called Saeldir, in addition to a Ermondo Mine equipment Dungeon, and B4 of the Refuge of the Dead. You can learn more about A3: Still Alive’s new update here. Cross-server battles were available previously in a prior update.


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