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A3: Still Alive Receives Flooded Metium Battle Royale Mode

Plus more January events

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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An all-new battle royale mode is available in A3: Still Alive across the App Store and Google Play.

Starting today, an all-new Battle Royale mode– Flooded Metium – is now available for competitive warriors eager to conquer an unexplored map. There’s a host of other content updates to share as well. This includes Battle Pass Season 2: 7 Day Check in Event (1/14 - 1/28). By checking in for seven days, players can receive a max reward of a Rare 5-Star Soulstar and a Heroic Accessory Chest.

There’s also a Veteran 7 Day Guide Mission (1/14 - 2/4). By beating Veteran Missions, players can exchange earned medals for rewards, such as a Blue Diamond, a 4~6-Star Exp Soulstar, a 5-Star Upgrade Soulstar, and a Heroic Soul Linker.

Some upcoming events include a few Five Million Downloads Events. The first is a 7 Day Check-In (1/21-2/4). Log in for seven days and receive maximum rewards, including a 5 Million Downloads Congratulations Chest (500x Shining Soulstar included), BOX Event Tickets, and a 5-Star Hero Soulstar.

You can learn more about these events here.


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