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A3: Still Alive May Update Expands Soul Linker Capabilities, Brings New Event Dungeon

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The May update for A3: Still Alive expands the capabilities of Soul Linker in addition to adding a new event dungeon.

This new dungeon, called Blue Moon Forest, is open now through May 27. For this new event dungeon, you can earn hu ‘Wiz’, up to 7 Legend Soul Linker Conversion Ticket and Legendary/Ancient Event Accessories. These accessories will let you gain the Blue Moon Forest Exchange Coin. You can use these to get EXP points, 7-Star Heroic Soul Linker and more.

Along with this event dungeon, tons of in-game events are also planned. Here’s what’s in store this month:

  • Heroic Soul Linker Switch Event (5/6~27) – 5/6-Star Soul Linkers can be switched into a different Soul Linker of the same level and type with a certain amount of Blue Diamonds
  • Soul Linker Wish Summon Season 2 (5/6~) – Players can get various items including Legendary 7-Star / 8-Star Soul Linker, EXP Soul Stars, Blue Diamonds and Gold. With high possibility of getting Legendary 7-Star / 8-Star Soul Linker, players can also choose the most wanted Legendary Soul Linker to achieve.
  • Guild Reward Upgrades – By completing Guild content at Entangled Borders and Velangort Fortress game modes, players can earn additional rewards from 5/6~27
  • Bonus Time Events (Hourglass of Blessings) (5/6~) – When players use the Hourglass of Blessings item, EXP, and Apostle EXP earned receives a 50% buff
  • Bonus Time Events (Hot Time to be Famous!) (5/20~5/27) – Every player across all servers will receive a 200% bonus to Famed earned during the event period

Just last month, A3: Still Alive received a new scholar class. This new class was described as a rounded warrior specializing in close range and long range combat.


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