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A Special Dragonflight Beta Launch Test is Happening Today

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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With Dragonflight officially launching in just about a week, today, the World of Warcraft team is holding a launch test on a special beta realm. 

Since the final release is so close, this test will take place beginning at 12 PM PST/ 3 PM EST, on a special beta realm called “Launch Test”. The other Dragonflight beta realms will be offline during the test period. Expect the Launch Test server to be up at around 12:30 PST, with the same pre-expansion launch state as the game is in on the normal servers. However, soon afterward, things will change.

At around 1 PM PST, there will be some pre-launch closures, like the Elemental Storms, and everything on the server will start to be made ready for the launch content to go live. This is set to happen shortly afterward, with the Dragon Isles, the leveling content and transport boats becoming available to test out.

Access to Dragonflight’s launch content on the Launch Test server is set to be live for just about an hour or so for the team to get an idea of what the launch might look like next week. This should give the team an idea of what the real launch might look like as the expansion begins to roll out next week. If you’re eligible to test out, you can get a little preview of what going live might look like, and give the team some data to work with to prepare for the larger-scale global rollout.

Once that hour or so of launch content has been tested, all of the other beta realms will come back online and when they do, they’ll be in a post-launched state. If you are beta testing Dragonflight already and can’t make today’s afternoon test, you’ll still get a peek of what everyone else will get to experience.

See the announcement at World of Warcraft.


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