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Shadow bane a MMORPG truely like no other. The main reason for this is the games engine. For the first time ever players can actualy effect the ground, buildings and politics which run smoothly through the game.

Say there's a town... you don't realy like what it look's like. In most other games you'll just have to put it down as a bad note against the developers who designed that ugly city. Not in Shadowbane. If you don't like something you can actualy become a builder and ( with the permission of the groundowners of course) can rebuild the city house by house....brick by brick.

Please by no means think that i am calling a Shadowbane ugly because (thanks to the the visuals posted at the bottom of the page along with the official site address) you can see it is far from it.

As i said before, gameplay wise this game has much more to do than fight or have other combat related activity. Altough these are options (evident by the screenshots of huge vicious beasts) the game designer's have cleary focused on alternatives to fighting and from what weve seen and been told they seem to have struck gold in this area.

To keep you from boredom the designers have made a massive 10 races to chose from and an even more impressive 20 races and ,of course, it keep's the *old element's* such as guild's but puts a new coat of varnish on them.

This game is availible to pre-order now so, if you like the site and the game it hold's you might want to think about making this your MMORPG of 2003.


Officail Shadowbane site


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