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A Quick Look at AfterWorld

Jon Wood Posted:
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MMORPG.com Correspondent Grant Henderson takes a first look at AfterWrold, the free market MMO.

Afterworld is set in the next 200 years in Siberia. Some horrible accident/incident occurred and most of the Earth's population is wiped out. You may not think that would matter much in Siberia, but what animals and humans who were "exposed" but not killed were mutated, leading to cravings for living, untainted flesh or some such. This is a little different from standard sci-fi fare.

While you're downloading the game, I suggest checking out the link on the main website to its wiki. There are tons of articles designed to help new players. Even in its Alpha stage, there's plenty stuff geared toward helping players get into the game. And for all two of you who've read my first article (hi Mom), you'll know my problem with websites and games that were terribly translated. This is not a problem for Afterworld. It's like they care.

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Jon Wood