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A Peek at Valheim's Mistlands Development, Confirms Steam Deck Verification, and More in a Devblog

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The Valheim team has added some new elements here and there this year, but larger updates are still coming. Now there’s a new dev blog highlighting some of what the team has been up to and an update on how that work is going.

There are only some new updates in the new blog, but the team at Iron Gate is promising there will be more to share coming. In the meantime, Valheim has won a few community and professional awards, including recently taking the Best Debut and GDCA Audience awards .

In practical news, the Steam Deck released recently, and Valheim received Steam Deck full compatibility verification this month, making the game fully functional via the new platform. 

Yet there are some small game related updates they are sharing aside from a new platform. The Mistlands are coming, and this new biome is taking the team’s full focus. They are transparent in saying that it’s still “quite some time away”. We’ll be seeing new creatures and monsters, new dungeons, and new weapons. One of these new weapons was recently teased on Twitter, and now there’s a clear preview of that weapon. 

The team also held a community stream and has a new speed modeling video of an upcoming bow, another all-new weapon coming with the Mistlands update. This bow has a distinct look, almost like vertebrae, and looks to stand out in the designs to come.

There isn’t much just yet in terms of consent updates the team is announcing, but they have been making progress on designs and at least showing some little bits here and there to the community. There’s still no timeline for the Mistlands to even enter testing, but Valheim continues with an active community creating and adventuring through in the meantime.

You can read the full dev blog here.


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