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 A New Warframe and More Revealed in Digital Extremes Warframe Homestream #7

Lovin' Tha Lavos?

Steven Weber Posted:
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In today’s latest live stream for Warframe from the development team, in a series of ongoing “Homestreams”, news was given on a new enemy, a upcoming warframe, and the name of the new Heart of Deimos update, Deimos Arcana.

The hour-long stream showed some of the new weapons and enemies you can expect in Deimos Arcana. While much of what was shown is still a work in progress, much of what was shown will be in the game in some form or another. They also divulged what players can expect for Master Rank 30 which is summarized below:

  • True Master Test
  • 3x Umbra Forma
  • 15 Loadout Slots
  • 30 Riven Slots
  • True Master chat Emoji
  • True Master Emote
  • Landing Craft Ornament
  • Relay Blessing Feature
  • New legendary Ranks

The new alchemist themed Warframe Lavos was also announced, though no specific date was mentioned, players can expect it sometime later this year. A lot was talked about during the stream, so for more details on everything mentioned here, check out the saved stream itself on Warframes twitch channel.

Back in August Warframe released their Heart of Deimos content on PC, Xbox and Playstation 4. The team has been doing a fantastic job, as this years TennoCon saw a record number of concurrent users watching, confirming that Warframe has only grown in popularity over the years.


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