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A New Trailer and Last-Minute Improvements for Gloria Victis Ahead of 1.0 Launch Tomorrow

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It’s nearly time for Gloria Victis to exit Early Access and release 1.0. Black Eye Games’ Medieval MMORPG will launch tomorrow, and there’s a new trailer and last minute improvements as the team heads towards release.

After a number of overhauls and improvements, particularly over the past year, the game is ready for a general launch. Over that time, the map was redrawn, starter cities moved, graphics, lighting, and weather upgrades, and much more. So if you’re ready to launch a new effort for conquest, the new servers will open up at 3 PM UTC. There will be Legacy servers for current characters and New Beginning servers for anyone that wants to start fresh. 

Some final updates today have set up tomorrow's 1.0 launch. Fittingly, there will be a new Glory Season with the launch. Today is the last day of the previous season and tomorrow is of course a fresh start, Also means a new season. If you have remaining Nation points, you can donate them to your guild today only because as of tomorrow every individual’s points will be reset to zero. 

Also in today's update is a new crafting window UI with updated visuals, and other improvements that will take you through the launch. The new crafting UI has two slots for recipes to see the component crafting before you create the final item. There's also updated info so you can check the chance of success more easily. 

You'll also be able to engage in some bulk crafting of 10 in one stack. To be fairer, this will take the same amount of time as making 10 separate items but you can set them up faster. The team intended to rework crafting quests and have them ready for launch, but they ran into an issue and will release this later on the questboard system.

Read the full update details for today and more info ahead of tomorrow’s launch over at the Gloria Victis Steam page.


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