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A New PvP Map in Elder Scrolls Online Will Take You to a World Between Worlds

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When Update 21 goes live, players will find a new PvP map where players can earn new weapon outfit styles and other collectibles. Called Eld Angvar, developers call it a "world between worlds". "You might recognize this location as one you visited during the Murkmire main questline, but this time, you're using the void's mysterious portals to hunt your fellow players," the blog reads.

ESO's Lead Combat Designer Brian Wheeler explains some of the design choices and how they were purposely made to "disrupt certain behaviors" such as "forcing" players to run along the outside of other maps due to the location of the bases. In the new map, base spawn locations have been moved to the center of the map!

In addition to starting everyone in the middle of the map, Eld Angvar gives you more choices for how to navigate and experience the arena. Depending on the game type, different parts of the map are open or closed, with Capture the Relic, Domination, and Chaosball making use of one version, and Crazy King and Deathmatch making use of another.

Of course, with a new map, there are new opportunities to earn new rewards including "Weapon Outfit Styles for the Pit Demon, Storm Lord and Firedrake teams". Players who earn 40 Arena Gladiator's Proofs can get hold of the Elinhir Lion pet as well.

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