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A New Into the Echo Interview Reveals More on Time Travel, Progression, Combat, and the World of Raava

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There's a new interview about upcoming MMORPG Into the Echo with the game’s producer. In it, we get a bit more detail about what to expect from the game, its time travel mechanics, what the echos mean, and a taste of plans for lore and progression.

Etlok founder and producer Akshay Kolte tells PCGamesN that time travel is related to the worldbuilding, with the developers’ concept of the world of Raava as having a long history, complete with significant happenings in time. This led to the decision to treat these points as potential points in history to make the past seem like not just dry text in a history book, but something more alive. It’s similar to what Amazon had planned for Aeternum in New World.

When a significant enough event happened in the past it left an echo in time the players can tap into in order to travel back to those moments, which gives us an idea of some of the concept and title. We also learn that time travel requires a ritual and that each echo doesn't necessarily represent just one moment in time, but there could be multiple points saved in the world's memory. There are also Time Keepers to protect the echoes, so players will have to decide what to do with them.

The team calls the progression system a “hub and spoke” system where  players use several different progression trees that might be associated with particular skills or goals, without having to focus on an XP bar or thinking about just hitting the level cap. Players will be able to decide which trees interest them and they want to level, and in what order they want to approach them. This non-linear system opens up flexibility and doesn’t put everyone on the same track to cap. This will, they hope, lead everyone to sit back and enjoy the journey.

Players will also get a chance to explore the way magic works and grew in the world. Combat will be action-based and what the team calls classless, which means players can enter combat without having to change their actual characters or respec for fights.

You can find out more about Into the Echo on the game’s official site.


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