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A New Guide Will Get You Ready for Shrouded Islands, the First Adventure for Sea of Thieves

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With the announcement that Sea of Thieves would be getting additional content updates called Adventures and Mysteries in addition to regular season events, the first edition was announced. Shrouded Islands arrives tomorrow and the Rare team has put together a preview of what you can expect and what you need to know before you take it on.

On last month's community day, the Shrouded Islands trailer was released with a cinematic look at what we might expect. The content arrives tomorrow and will run through March 3rd. New Adventures will come roughly every month to advance the narrative and focus on story and world building this year.

Important people include Belle, who was revealed in the trailer, Captain Flameheart, and key places like the Sea of the Damned and the Golden Sands Outpost.

If your pirate has died at any time during your adventure, you’ve seen the Sea of the Damned,  and gotten a ferry ride back to the world of the living. However the story has come to the point to reveal that there’s more to the Sea of the Damned. There are manifestations of pirates that linger and there are potential ways to bring them through. Uh oh. Phantom pirates are the result so now, it depends on what to do with them, whether that’s to use them to nefarious ends or figure out how to send them back.

These new threats won’t go unheeded, because part of what will carry forward in the story of the game will result from this Adventure. We don’t know much about Belle and this should answer some questions as well as what role the Sea of the Damned holds. And what to do about the phantom pirates?

A full look at what you need to know before you start Shrouded Islands tomorrow is over at the Sea of Thieves site.


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