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'A Good Chance Our [April] Steam Release Date Will Slip' According to Brinkmann

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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Derek Brinkmann took to Reddit earlier today for an Ask Me Anything session with fans of Legends of Aria. The first question out of the bag asked if he believed that LoA would make its projected April Steam release date. Brinkmann wrote that, while a lot of great feedback had been taken from CBT1, the team realized that more work needs to be done on optimization, fleshing out professions and on a new player experience.

With that in mind, there is a very good chance that our Steam release date will slip. It is really important to the team that we deliver the absolute best experience possible on that day of the final wipe because we only get one shot at it. Expect an announcement about our release date in the coming weeks with a more specific answer.

Other questions covered more specific information about crafting, the addition of farming, cat pets, the resolution of performance issues, optimizations and more.

You can check the whole thread out on the Legends of Aria Reddit.

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Suzie Ford

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