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A Chat With Sony Online's John Smedley

Matthew Fusco Posted:
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John Smedley has been speaking to HomeLAN, it is only a short interview but has some nice references to EQ2 in it:

"So how different will Everquest II be from the original, besides an all new graphics engine? "The difference between Everquest and Everquest II is we are making a larger attempt to get a broader gaming base in so we have made the newbie game a lot more friendly, " Smedley said. Other gameplay mechanics will be changed from the original, such as corpse retrieval. "That’s something that we decided was not as important in Everquest II, " he said. Smedley added that while they are proud that the original Everquest was more of a hardcore game experience, the sequel will be easier to get into as well as taking less time to play and enjoy. "Our goal is to migrate some players over but only if they want to," he said. There might also be a special deal for players who subscribe to both games, according to Smedley."

You can find the whole interview


Matthew Fusco