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ArenaNet Begins Pre-Test for Guild Wars 2 WvW To Determine if New Beta Goes Ahead This Week

Guild Wars 2 starts a pre-test for the planned WvW restructuring this week. After a rough start, ArenaNet is holding a pre-test in the background of live WvW to determine if the new beta goes ahead this week.

Myth of Empires Brings Servers Down to Address Serious Issue that Could Compromise User Accounts

For those who have followed the Early Access release of Myth of Empires, a serious issue was found that led to the servers going offline suddenly. The team announced that there would be an emergency maintenance, for the yet unidentified issue. They've since updated that they now know what the issue is and the emergency maintenance continues.

All New Season 14 Starts in Albion Online, With Lands Awakened Music on Streaming

Albion Online gets its new structure for season 14's opening, while the new Lands Awakened soundtrack debuts on streaming platforms.

Sail to New World Wonders and Enjoy a New Crafting System in Uncharted Waters Online: Rhodes and Ephesus

Uncharted Waters Online, the historically inspired sailing game, has a new update that brings chapter 2 of its story based on the Seven Wonders of the World. The new chapter, Rhodes and Ephesus, expands the story and adds new features, balance changes, and brings a new deeper crafting system.

Habbo Giving 1000 NFT Avatars to Active Players and Offsetting Environmental Impact

Sulake has announced that 1000 Habbo avatars will be given away for free to the wider Habbo Hotel community as part of a new giveaway. This follows September's NFT avatar sale, which saw 10,000 NFT avatars sell out in just over a day.

Bury Some Treasure, Sit and Rest, or Launch Fireworks in Sea of Thieves: Season Five

Sea of Thieves is showing what to expect in season five of Rare's MMO. The new season kicks off on December 2nd, and among the features coming are the ability to bury your treasure, create fireworks displays, to sit and sleep, and more.

Test All End of Dragons Elite Specializations When Guild Wars 2 Opens Final Beta Event Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Guild Wars 2 gets its fourth and final beta for End of Dragons. This beta event will start, with all nine elite specializations featured and the brand new siege turtle mount.

First Into the Echo Pre-Alpha Set for Next Week

We still don't know a whole lot about Into the Echo, an upcoming MMORPG from ETLOK Studios,  but the studio has announced that after a new round of funding, pre-alpha will start next week.

Everything We Know About Dimensional Ink's Marvel MMORPG

In the 2021 Q3 investor presentation from Enad Global 7, news regarding the Marvel MMORPG that has been under wraps for several years, prior to the purchase of Daybreak Games by EG7. Slated as part of their "longer-term goals" the unannounced Marvel MMORPG was listed as in-development by Dimensional Ink Studios. This isn't the first time we've heard about this Marvel MMORPG - so what do we know about it so far?

Destiny 2's Bungie 30th Anniversary Event is DLC, Limited to One Platform Per Purchase

Destiny 2,  which will gate off access to dungeons in the upcoming Witch Queen expansion unless you buy the deluxe edition, will also require a $25 DLC purchase for most of the Bungie 30th Anniversary event content.

Looks Like New World Might Be Getting A Winter Festival Event

Amidst all the issues that the New World team has faced since launching in September, according to a new interview it looks like the team at Amazon is moving forward with also trying to get more content into players hands. This could also mean in the form of a winter-themed seasonal event here soon.

Guild Wars 2 Outlines Changes Coming to Elite Specializations for Next Beta Event

Feedback from the first three Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons beta events have resulted in a very long series of changes, to elite specializations. Ahead of the beta event next week, ArenaNet revealed all of the changes you can expect.

Swords of Legends Online Adds Sparkwood Gardens Raid, and New Event Begins

Swords of Legends Online adds the first raid of the Forbidden Court, The Sparkwood Gardens, along with localization and bug fixes, and the beginnings of a new event.

EVE Online Ending DirectX 9 Support in January

As part of continued work to accompany previously announced changes to EVE Online's network infrastructure, DirectX 9 support is ending in January.

Stuff Yourself and Pass the Turkey in World of Warcraft Pilgrim's Bounty event

It's Pilgrims Bounty time again in World of Warcraft, where you can have extra fun with food, master cooking skills with ease, earn achievements, and of course, hunt and eat turkeys. Or turn others into them. While the last major changes to the event were a few years ago, it's still a good time to level up your cooking skills and of course earn some extra goodies.