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7.2 PvP Changes Tossed Out After Player Objection

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After intense player outcry, Blizzard has made the somewhat rare decision to back off v7.2 alterations to both world and instanced PvP. Players felt that some of the changes were draconian and that they would not address core issues with PvP in its current iteration in Legion. 

Blizzard originally wanted to bring the following changes to instanced and world PvP:

  • Players now deal 40% less damage to other players.
  • Players now have 25% less Stamina in PvP instances.
  • Players now have 20% more Agility, Intellect, and Strength in PvP instances.

Later, after players expressed concern about healers becoming unkillable with the current direction of these changes, a 35% reduction in Intellect was also applied.

As a result, community manager 'Lore' weighed in to inform the community that the announced changes to PvP coming to 7.2 would not be implemented:

After continued discussion, as well as player feedback, we've decided not to go ahead with these changes in Patch 7.2. That includes the Healer change I mentioned earlier, as well as the rest of the changes that the OP mentioned. We recognize that there's a problem with World PvP right now, and we do want to find ways to make some improvements there, but these changes would have been far too disruptive to balance in instanced PvP.

It remains to be seen what will be done to both keep instanced PvP balanced and to bring some reasonable game play to world PvP.

A few changes will be implemented in PvP including changes to honor level reductions to gain Presige.

You can read more about the controversy at the links above.


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