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6v6 Quickplay Coming in Tuesday's Update & Bounties Making a Return

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The latest Destiny 2 - This Week at Bungie newsletter has been posted with some great news for Guardians. When the v1.2.3 update launches on Tuesday, July 17th, players will find that 6v6 will be making its way to Quickplay and that Bounties, aka daily objectives, will be making a return. 

Tyson Green: With the original launch of Destiny, bounties provided a set of daily objectives that players could use to advance faction reputation or earn XP to level up their gear. These were removed to streamline the activity experience in Destiny 2 and reduce the number of “chores” that players felt compelled to complete every day. In retrospect, we realized that was an over-correction, and optional daily objectives to achieve specific goals are something we want to restore.

The letter also points out other significant features coming in Tuesday's update including:

  • Quality of Life Improvements - PC Clan Chat; momentum removed from Heroic Adventures; etc.
  • Exotic Armor Fixes
  • Heroic Strike Modifier adjustments
  • Moments of Triumph (already added) that can be tracked online
  • Prestige Raid Lairs - Eater of Worlds & Spire of Stars world first race begins

GuardianCon kicks off today, and there are sure to be a lot of cool announcements and new information about the forthcoming Forsaken content expansion set to launch in September. Keep your eyes peeled!

Read the full letter on the Destiny 2 / Bungie site.


Suzie Ford

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