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5.0 Update Challenges Players to 'Test Your Courage & Step Through a Rift'

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The v5.0 update to Fortnite is coming along with some fascinating new features that have stemmed from the cracks in the sky after the rocket launch a couple of weeks ago. There are now Rifts that challenge players to "test your courage and step through" one. The update notes mysteriously state, "You're in for a wild ride." Save the World players get the Challenge the Horde mode and Wild West Heroes and accompanying weaponry. 

If that's not cool enough, the game has also been updated to bring the All Terrain Kart (ATK) into the game. "Grab some friends and go for a ride".

Other notable features for Battle Royale in 5.0:

  • shotgun adjustments
  • hunting rifle aim assist tweaks
  • changes to Suppressed SMG to bring it in line with other SMG
  • Desert Biome with Paradise Palms and Lazy Links locations
  • "a few unnamed POIs"
  • progressive challenges will no longer be limited to single seasons, but can be progressed at a player's own pace
  • Weekly Challenges split into Free and Battle Pass
  • XP is earned for reviving fallen teammates
  • bug fixes, feature tweaks

Save the World 5.0:

  • Road Trip event
  • Persistent Weekly Store updated to offer RE-PERKS, Uncommon PERK-UPs and Rare PERK-UPs
  • Challenge the Horde is back with big changes
  • Ability Rebalance: "We’ve adjusted the overall balance of how powerful we expect abilities to be in relation to guns, traps, and other damage/utility sources. Additionally, we’ve increased the strength of healing Perks."
  • Wild West Heroes added
  • Flintlock weapons added
  • UI adjustments
  • bug fixes, feature tweaks

Read the full update notes on the Fortnite site.


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